We follow THE IET CODE OF PRACTICE FOR



                                                    SUBJECTS COVERED INCLUDE,










                                                           INSPECTING AN ITEM


      Plug top inspection, fuse size, flex inspection including condition, cross sectional area (CSA)    

                                               Class of Appliance and Type of Appliance

                                          Case condition, environment, suitability and more....















                                                  UNDERSTANDING TEST RESULTS


                                                    LABELING AND CERTIFICATION











                                       RISK ASSESSMENT - FREQUENCY OF RE-TESTING


















PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING TRAINING DAY                                                      



      High quality, small group, portable appliance testing training from a fully qualified electrical engineer with over 25 years of PAT testing experience.

Office 01295 709312

Frequently asked questions

I have no previous experience of PAT Testing, is this training day right for me?

Yes, the training is suitable for people with little or no experience of appliance testing.


What time does the training start and finish?

The training day starts at 8.30 and finishes around 4.30.


Is lunch included?

No, we do supply tea coffee buscuits and soft drinks throughout the day, but not lunch, however we are in the centre of Banbury surrounded by sandwich type shops and we have a small kitchen with microwave your welcome to use.


What about Parking?

Parking is easy right outside the door, pay and display, all day parking is on the other far side of the road to our office, costs around £3.50


Do I leave with a certificate?



If I attend your training day, other than the cost of the training, what else will I need to have before I start PAT testing, and how much will that cost?

The training day is £185.00 plus VAT. After the training you will need to obtain a copy of the IET Code of Practice 4th Edition, this costs around £54.00.

The next item you will need is a Portable Appliance Tester. This is a machine about the size of a laptop that carries out the tests required for PAT Testing. PAT testers vary in price but we have a range of PAT testers priced from around £450.00 plus VAT.

The final things you will need are some pass and fail labels, some new plug tops and some tools, screw drivers etc, which are all fairly inexpensive items.


Is there any back up for me, questions etc when I start PAT TESTING  after the training day?

Yes, you will have my contact details and I offer my full support when you start PAT testing, you can call or email me any time.


If I buy a PAT Tester from you will it require Calibrating? Or will it come with a calibration certificate?

All PAT testers we sell come with a new calibration certificate, this is included in the price, however an annual re-calibration is required. Our company Test Electric (Banbury) Ltd is a calibration and repair company therefore we can accommodate your annual calibration thereafter.


OK, how can I pay?

We can invoice you pro-forma and you can BACS before the training date, we take all major credit and debit cards including AMEX.


Can I contact a previous candidiate that has been on your course for some feedback?

Yes let me know how many previous candidates you wish to contact and I can arrange this for you.


Is there a minimum age for a person to attend the training day?

Yes, candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age.


Do you carry out on site training, will you come to my premisis?

Yes. If you are three or more persons I can bring the training to you at NO extra charge.


Have another question? Call me on 01295 709312.









Mobile 07968 250 697

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